Experiment set2IT043 for Escherichia coli BW25113

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LB with Cisplatin 0.05 mg/ml

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Genes with specific phenotypes:

  gene name fitness t score description  
b1913 uvrC -4.9 -5.8 excinuclease ABC, subunit C; repair of UV damage to DNA (VIMSS) conserved
b3700 recF -4.2 -8.0 recombination protein F (NCBI) conserved
b0779 uvrB -4.2 -5.7 excinuclease ABC subunit B (NCBI) conserved
b4058 uvrA -3.4 -15.5 excinuclease ABC subunit A (NCBI) conserved
b1114 mfd -2.4 -7.1 transcription-repair coupling factor (NCBI) conserved
b4389 radA -1.8 -7.9 predicted repair protein (NCBI) conserved
b2819 recD -1.7 -6.2 exonuclease V (RecBCD complex), alpha chain (NCBI) compare
b2184 yejH -1.7 -7.1 predicted ATP-dependet helicase (NCBI) conserved
b2945 endA -1.6 -5.7 DNA-specific endonuclease I (NCBI) conserved
b2431 b2431 -1.3 -5.4 orf, hypothetical protein (VIMSS) compare
b0958 sulA 1.3 6.0 SOS cell division inhibitor (NCBI) compare

Specific phenotypes for stress Cisplatin across organisms