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Genes (and 2 objects) for nucleotides 3,576,282 to 3,580,282 on scaffold 7023:

500 nt gntR and yhhW are separated by 223 nucleotidesyhhW and yhhX are separated by 122 nucleotidesyhhX and overlap by 1032 nucleotides and overlap by 760 nucleotides and ryhB are separated by 181 nucleotidesryhB and yhhY are separated by 121 nucleotidesyhhY and yhhZ are separated by 236 nucleotides b3438: gntR - DNA-binding transcriptional repressor (NCBI), at 3,575,754 to 3,576,749 gntR b3439: yhhW - hypothetical protein (NCBI), at 3,576,973 to 3,577,668 yhhW b3440: yhhX - predicted oxidoreductase with NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domain (NCBI), at 3,577,791 to 3,578,828 yhhX frame -3, at 3,577,797 to 3,578,864 frame -3 region with similarity, at 3,578,105 to 3,578,768 region with similarity b4451: ryhB - Regulatory sRNA mediating positive Fur regulon response; requires Hfq for function; global iron regulator; degraded by RNase E when bound to target (RefSeq), at 3,578,950 to 3,579,039 ryhB b3441: yhhY - predicted acetyltransferase (NCBI), at 3,579,161 to 3,579,649 yhhY b3442: yhhZ - hypothetical protein (NCBI), at 3,579,886 to 3,581,064 yhhZ

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