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Genes (and 2 objects) for nucleotides 2,925,984 to 2,929,984 on scaffold PGA1_c:

500 ntPGA1_c28050 and PGA1_c28060 are separated by 190 nucleotidesPGA1_c28060 and are separated by 114 nucleotides and PGA1_c28070 overlap by 1197 nucleotidesPGA1_c28070 and overlap by 939 nucleotides and PGA1_c28080 are separated by 455 nucleotidesPGA1_c28080 and PGA1_c28090 are separated by 99 nucleotides PGA1_c28050: PGA1_c28050 - putative sugar transport system, permease protein, at 2,925,196 to 2,926,257 _c28050 PGA1_c28060: PGA1_c28060 - putative sugar transport system, periplasmic protein, at 2,926,448 to 2,927,464 _c28060 frame +2, at 2,927,579 to 2,928,829 frame +2 PGA1_c28070: PGA1_c28070 - putative transcriptional regulator, marR family, at 2,927,633 to 2,928,835 _c28070 region with similarity, at 2,927,897 to 2,928,389 region with similarity PGA1_c28080: PGA1_c28080 - putative acetyltransferase, GNAT family, at 2,928,845 to 2,929,375 _c28080 PGA1_c28090: PGA1_c28090 - DNA polymerase III subunit alpha, at 2,929,475 to 2,932,987 _c28090

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