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Genes (and 2 objects) for nucleotides 3,808,871 to 3,812,871 on scaffold PGA1_c:

500 nt PGA1_c36410 and are separated by 386 nucleotides and overlap by 1185 nucleotides and PGA1_c36420 overlap by 1048 nucleotidesPGA1_c36420 and PGA1_c36430 are separated by 103 nucleotides PGA1_c36410: PGA1_c36410 - hypothetical protein, at 3,808,364 to 3,809,941 _c36410 frame +1, at 3,810,328 to 3,811,518 frame +1 region with similarity, at 3,810,334 to 3,811,414 region with similarity PGA1_c36420: PGA1_c36420 - succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase DapE, at 3,810,367 to 3,811,524 _c36420 PGA1_c36430: PGA1_c36430 - putative ribonuclease R, at 3,811,628 to 3,813,898 _c36430

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