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Genes (and 2 objects) for nucleotides 778,334 to 782,334 on scaffold NC_003078:

500 nt SM_b21140 and SM_b21216 are separated by 41 nucleotidesSM_b21216 and SM_b21217 overlap by 4 nucleotidesSM_b21217 and overlap by 930 nucleotides and overlap by 1654 nucleotides and SM_b21218 overlap by 109 nucleotidesSM_b21218 and SM_b21219 are separated by 2 nucleotides SM_b21140: SM_b21140 - transcriptional regulator, at 777,827 to 778,687 _b21140 SM_b21216: SM_b21216 - ABC transporter for D-Glucosamine, ATPase component (from data), at 778,729 to 779,811 _b21216 SM_b21217: SM_b21217 - glucosamine kinase (EC (from data), at 779,808 to 780,743 _b21217 frame -2, at 779,814 to 781,511 frame -2 region with similarity, at 779,858 to 780,854 region with similarity SM_b21218: SM_b21218 - glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase, isomerizing (EC (from data), at 780,746 to 781,765 _b21218 SM_b21219: SM_b21219 - ABC transporter for D-Glucosamine, permease component 1 (from data), at 781,768 to 782,613 _b21219

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