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Genes (and 2 objects) for nucleotides 812,979 to 816,979 on scaffold NC_016594.1:

500 nt AZOBR_RS18075 and AZOBR_RS18080 are separated by 47 nucleotidesAZOBR_RS18080 and are separated by 124 nucleotides and overlap by 738 nucleotides and AZOBR_RS18090 are separated by 296 nucleotidesAZOBR_RS18090 and AZOBR_RS18095 are separated by 14 nucleotides AZOBR_RS18075: AZOBR_RS18075 - amino acid ABC transporter substrate-binding protein, at 812,995 to 813,786 _RS18075 AZOBR_RS18080: AZOBR_RS18080 - GntR family transcriptional regulator, at 813,834 to 814,511 _RS18080 frame +1, at 814,636 to 815,565 frame +1 region with similarity, at 814,828 to 815,323 region with similarity AZOBR_RS18090: AZOBR_RS18090 - alcohol dehydrogenase, at 815,620 to 816,792 _RS18090 AZOBR_RS18095: AZOBR_RS18095 - hypothetical protein, at 816,807 to 817,334 _RS18095

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