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Genes (and 2 objects) for nucleotides 582,994 to 586,994 on scaffold NC_016595.1:

500 nt AZOBR_RS28565 and AZOBR_RS28570 overlap by 7 nucleotidesAZOBR_RS28570 and are separated by 16 nucleotides and overlap by 1287 nucleotides and AZOBR_RS28580 are separated by 125 nucleotides AZOBR_RS28565: AZOBR_RS28565 - sugar ABC transporter ATPase, at 581,735 to 583,543 _RS28565 AZOBR_RS28570: AZOBR_RS28570 - amino acid ABC transporter ATPase, at 583,537 to 584,262 _RS28570 frame +2, at 584,279 to 585,787 frame +2 region with similarity, at 584,501 to 585,710 region with similarity AZOBR_RS28580: AZOBR_RS28580 - alcohol dehydrogenase, at 585,836 to 586,999 _RS28580

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