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Genes (and 2 objects) for nucleotides 58,908 to 62,908 on scaffold NC_016618.1:

500 nt AZOBR_RS22500 and AZOBR_RS22505 are separated by 14 nucleotidesAZOBR_RS22505 and overlap by 1305 nucleotides and overlap by 1450 nucleotides and AZOBR_RS22510 are separated by 155 nucleotidesAZOBR_RS22510 and AZOBR_RS22515 are separated by 79 nucleotides AZOBR_RS22500: AZOBR_RS22500 - methylmalonate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase, at 58,726 to 60,225 _RS22500 AZOBR_RS22505: AZOBR_RS22505 - omega amino acid--pyruvate aminotransferase, at 60,240 to 61,550 _RS22505 frame -1, at 60,246 to 61,703 frame -1 region with similarity, at 60,254 to 61,571 region with similarity AZOBR_RS22510: AZOBR_RS22510 - LysR family transcriptional regulator, at 61,727 to 62,689 _RS22510 AZOBR_RS22515: AZOBR_RS22515 - membrane protein of unknown function, at 62,769 to 63,329 _RS22515

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