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Genes (and 2 objects) for nucleotides 3,248,359 to 3,252,359 on scaffold NC_010676:

500 nt BPHYT_RS34100 and are separated by 120 nucleotides and BPHYT_RS34105 overlap by 1542 nucleotidesBPHYT_RS34105 and overlap by 1332 nucleotides and BPHYT_RS34110 are separated by 29 nucleotides BPHYT_RS34100: BPHYT_RS34100 - spermidine/putrescine ABC transporter ATP-binding protein, at 3,248,375 to 3,249,472 _RS34100 frame +2, at 3,249,593 to 3,251,143 frame +2 BPHYT_RS34105: BPHYT_RS34105 - decarboxylase, at 3,249,602 to 3,251,149 _RS34105 region with similarity, at 3,249,818 to 3,251,126 region with similarity BPHYT_RS34110: BPHYT_RS34110 - hypothetical protein, at 3,251,156 to 3,254,899 _RS34110

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