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Genes (and 2 objects) for nucleotides 1,448,709 to 1,452,709 on scaffold PGA1_c:

500 ntPGA1_c14000 and are separated by 18 nucleotides and overlap by 1452 nucleotides and PGA1_c14010 overlap by 1420 nucleotidesPGA1_c14010 and PGA1_c14020 are separated by 501 nucleotidesPGA1_c14020 and PGA1_c14030 are separated by 11 nucleotides PGA1_c14000: PGA1_c14000 - Xylose isomerase (EC (from data), at 1,448,666 to 1,449,970 _c14000 frame +2, at 1,449,989 to 1,451,440 frame +2 region with similarity, at 1,449,989 to 1,451,429 region with similarity PGA1_c14010: PGA1_c14010 - Xylulose kinase (EC (from data), at 1,450,010 to 1,451,446 _c14010 PGA1_c14020: PGA1_c14020 - hypothetical protein, at 1,451,948 to 1,452,565 _c14020 PGA1_c14030: PGA1_c14030 - Uncharacterized MobA-related protein, at 1,452,577 to 1,453,203 _c14030

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