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Genes (and 2 objects) for nucleotides 1,150,628 to 1,154,628 on scaffold NC_016617.1:

500 ntAZOBR_RS05425 and are separated by 665 nucleotides and overlap by 1780 nucleotides and AZOBR_RS05435 are separated by 672 nucleotides AZOBR_RS05425: AZOBR_RS05425 - chemotaxis protein, at 1,149,720 to 1,151,093 _RS05425 frame -1, at 1,151,759 to 1,153,543 frame -1 region with similarity, at 1,151,764 to 1,153,498 region with similarity AZOBR_RS05435: AZOBR_RS05435 - recombinase RecD, at 1,154,171 to 1,156,363 _RS05435

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